2013 Events


Parish Lenten Mission

As part of our Lenten journey, the faithful gathered for our Parish Lenten Mission which took place on Wednesday & Thursday, March 13-14, 2013. On Wednesday evening, we celebrated the Liturgy of Presanctified Gifts.  Fr. Michael Lenz, OFM gave a Lenten homily after hearing the faithful confessions. On Thursday evening we celebrated the Anointing of the Sick – Holy Unction. After the anointing Sister Mary Virginia, O.Carm. (Corpus Christi Carmelites), convent of Lady of Protection from St. Georges Byzantine parish in Aliquippa, gave a Lenten talk to the faithful.

  • Sister Mary Virginia
  • Sister Mary Virginia
  • Sister Mary Virginia



Great and Holy Friday - Good Friday

In our Holy Church Good Friday is a solemn day on which we commemorate the death of Christ on the Cross. This is the culmination of the observance of His Passion by which Our Lord suffered and died for our sins. In the evening we gathered for Vespers with the Procession with the Holy Shroud-Plashchanytsia which observes the unnailing of Christ from the Cross and the placement of His body in the tomb. Below are pictures from this solemn event:

  • The Tomb
  • The Procession Begins
  • Solemn Procession
  • Back Inside
  • The Shroud #1
  • The Shroud #2
  • Watching the Entombment
  • The Entombment
  • Venerating the Shroud


Great and Holy Pascha - Easter 2013

“Resurrection Day is dawning! Let us shine with its light! Pascha, the Lord’s own Pascha!”...As a community of faithful we gathered to celebrate Pascha -The Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This Feast is the oldest, most venerable and preeminent feast of the Church. It is the great Christian festival, the very center and heart of the entire Liturgical year. You see the candles, smell the incense, you repeat that triumphant hymn “Christ is Risen!”, which brings happiness and joy to our hearts, to our lives as we proclaim that “Jesus has risen from the tomb, as He foretold, and given us eternal life and great mercy.” Enjoy the pictures from this celebration:

  • Pascha Bread
  • Matins
  • Matins 2
  • Blessing of Baskets



St. Thomas Sunday

Today we commemorate the Risen Christ’s appearance to the Apostles and, among them, to doubting Thomas. Following the Ambon Prayer we had the prayer for the breaking of the Artos. At the end of the Divine Liturgy the faithful came forward for the distribution of the Artos and Festal Anointing-Miro vanya. Following the anointing the children from our ECF program gathered for an Easter Egg hunt.  After the Easter Egg hunt This year our Svyachene-Easter Dinner was held in the church hall.



Welcome Anastasia!

On Bright Saturday, April 6th, we welcomed into our parish family Anastasia Maxine Struble, the daughter of Christopher and Bridget Struble who received the Holy Mysteries of Christian Initiation (Baptism, Chrismation and Holy Eucharist). As a parish family we ask Almighty God to bless Anastasia and her entire family for many happy and blessed years:

Anastasia Baptism

Mother's Day

Our Parish Family wishes special blessings upon all our mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, and spiritual mothers on this Mothers’ Day. Grant them, O Lord, many happy and blessed years. 

As part of our Mother’s Day celebration we honored our Mothers by lighting remembrance candles in honor of them.


Pentecost and First Reconciliation Sunday

As we celebrated the Feast of the Descent of the Holy Spirit, we prayed in the beginning of the Divine Liturgy the prayer to the Holy Spirit: “Heavenly King - Царю Небесний”. At the end of the Divine Liturgy the faithful came forward to receive Festal Anointing - Mirovanya. 

We lift up our hearts in prayer for four wonderful children who are celebrating their First Reconciliation today. They are Madison Rose Barr , Mackenzie Lynn Barr , Nolan Patrick Gaus , Andrew Leonard Fontana. These children have reached what is called “the age of discretion,” that is, they know the difference between right and wrong, and are able to take responsibility for their actions. During this academic year they have undergone special instructions and preparations to take on that responsibility for their actions and their relationship with Christ through the Mystery of Confession. We thank the parents of our children and our Religious Education Instructor , Mrs. Rose Ann Kulczycki, for teaching and preparing all our children for this special day in their lives. As a parish family let us rejoice as we celebrate the First Reconciliation of our children. Let us offer a prayer on this Sunday for all of our chil dren that participate actively in the life of St. George’s.


Welcome Cecilia!

On  Saturday, May 18th, we welcomed into our parish family Cecilia Joyce Fontana, the daughter of Don and Erin   Struble who received the Holy Mysteries of Christian Initiation (Baptism, Chrismation and Holy Eucharist). As a parish family we ask Almighty God to bless Cecilia and her entire family for many happy and blessed years:

Cecilia Joyce Fontana

Opening of School Year - Parish Picnic

As we celebrated the Sunday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross on Sunday, September 15th, we also marked the beginning of the church school year. At the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy the Blessing of the children took place. Following the liturgy we continued outside for our annual parish picnic. We give thanks to Our Lord for the fellowship we all enjoyed as we continue our journey of faith.  



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