Housing for the elderly: Sheptytsky Arms & St. George Close

Sheptytsky Arms Inc. is an affordable living high-rise that was opened in 1987 for senior citizens. The high-rise is Section 8 project based which goes according to the resident’s income and allows them to have medical deductions to calculate 30% of their income that is payable towards rent.
St. George Close is an affordable living separate entrance walkup apartment complex. The complex is Tax Credit which is approximately 40% & 50% median income levels.

Both the Sheptytsky Arms and St. George Close enjoy the same activities in the Sheptytsky Arms Community Room and both are able to participate in all services which are offered thru the management company and outside vendors. There are monthly tenant meetings which allow the tenants to voice their concerns and opinions to help strive at keeping the community safe and a clear communication line with all residents concerning one another and management.
  • Front View
  • Side View

Any questions regarding vacancy or upcoming events that are open to the public please contact the management office at 412-766-8802.